Why we overlook safety, and why we should not

img_5175.JPGLet’s face it. There is a joy of working outside with one’s hands, and often, safety equipment feels like it is getting in the way of the experience. Either because we have to stop the work and go and find a pair of gloves (and you can bet the second hand, usually the right-hand glove in may case, will be missing) or go and find a pair of safety glasses. Or it is just feels a plain hassle to stop the job and organise what feels like extra gear outside the job. Big mistake and not smart thinking.

Safety is part of work, as sentient beings we need to respect our own welfare, look after ourselves. So we need in our planning stage to look at the risks and hazards we’ll be exposed to. (Which reminds I recently bought a pair of ladder legs to give extra stability for a long ladder I have, and this is one of the best tools I own.)

This minor injury in the picture could have been a lot worse: I was smoothing off the rough edges of the hole I had just cut. Thinking plastic is just plastic, harmless sort of. I never thought what I was doing really had the power to cut. I should also have been wearing safety glasses when cutting the holes. The unexpected is when accidents happen. We get too confident.


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