Cut off the excess to reduce the trippping hazard, add the hose fitting

remove the excessStep 1: Remove what you want with a hacksaw. If your wheeliebin will be in that narrow space between the fence and the house, cutting excess will reduce the trippping hazard, especially if you have to squeeze your way past the bin is on the way to the gas hot water service in the dark to relight the pilot light.

Step 2: Screw on the hose fitting, ready for the next step. If a hose is not connected, what will keep the water in? You might add a hose with a snap-close fitting on the other end as a simpler way to do this.

hose fitting attached


3 Responses to Cut off the excess to reduce the trippping hazard, add the hose fitting

  1. The next step is processing the contents of that bucket. If you have a lot of buckets, you could just leave it in there for a year. We opted for active processing via a humanure hacienda . Whenever we were running out of buckets we would do a trip to the hacienda, empty all the full buckets into the bay currently in use and cover them with a thick mulch. Then we hosed out the buckets and took them back to the toilet.

  2. Stefan Carey says:

    Thanks for the comment

    Not sure what question is Mike

    Were you asking if that kind of saw would be suitable?
    If so, I am not familiar with it.


  3. mike says:

    i have a model 179 type 1 skill hack saw needs a heavy duty drill 1800 r.p.m or over can you help me with infomation about it thank you

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