Finally low-pressure success: drip hose that works

Low pressure drip systemA low-pressure drip water system attached to the wheelie bin gives a passive watering system. I am really pleased this irrigation product (low pressure drip hose)  is available. I also avoided buying the wrong type of piping: I went into the store intending to buy the brown version.

T-joint connecting poly pipe from wheelie bin to drip hose

The helpful woman at Croydon Bunnings suggested I need a T-joint where the drip pip joins the pipe from the wheeliebin. I followed this advice and my guess is that it equalises the pressure of the flow in the pipes. (The green pipe in the photo starts at the T-joint on the right side)

Close up T-joint

By using some basic hose fittings, including a small valve and some low pressure drip feed hose bought at Bunnings (AUS $55 ), I was able to create a watering system that really works: every dripper was dripping, and you can turn it on or off easily. The wheeliebin was nearly empty after several hours. If you take a close look you can see a drip coming out of the pipe. Low pressure drip hose, success

Finally I have figured out the best way to set this system up!

Drippers are inside the pipe every 30 cm (12″)

Dripper every 30 cm (12")

And the photo at the bottom is the area I am trying to keep alive during this drought, a drought that seems to have no end and seems to be signalling this is the climate of the future. The garden

Photos taken with a Pentax K-m: an excellent intro level DSLR.



3 Responses to Finally low-pressure success: drip hose that works

  1. Glen says:


    Thanks for posting up something Im wanting to do. I have created some raised vege beds and want to do something similar. I was just wondering how high you had your wheelie bin to create enough pressure to ensure water is getting to all your hose?

    Is it also dependent on how much water you have in your bin?

    • Stefan Carey says:

      Sorry for taking so long, have been away and kept forgetting this needed a reply.

      the difference in height between the bottom of the bin and the garden bed it drains to is about 30cm. The garden bed is downhill, we live on a steeply sloping block.)

      It seems to make no difference how much water is in the bin: it is always empty. Hose length is about 10 metres between bin and garden bed.

      cheers and thanks for asking


  2. That’s great! Like you, I also use drip water system in my garden. Anyway, thanks for sharing this post. Looking forward for your next post.


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